Research Paper Topics

Research essay writing is an important stage of education. It is vital because it assists students to build critical views towards various issues of society and life. Besides that, research essay writing gives students the authority to create persuasive skills and arguments. The first step of research essay writing is selecting topics. Many times, teachers don’t provide topics to learners. So the students have the will to choose whatever topic they like. Teachers do this because the teachers want to assess the student’s ability from his writing when they (students) have a topic of their interest. When choosing topics, students must not just opt for topics that will get information. They have to get topics that they can create a debatable and interesting thesis statement.

Selecting perfect topics seems like it is a hard thing to do for most students. Topics can look easy at first sight, but it becomes hard when one decides to do the same topic.

Follow these steps to find a topic that you will manage to do.

Choosing research topics

The following are the steps to finding a good topic for your research.

  1. Look for your interests

Every student has the freedom and will to select a topic of their liking. The first step is to reduce the area you are interested in. you can get research topics from the subjects below.

  • Ethics.
  • Health
  • Business
  • Government policy
  • History
  • Culture & arts
  • Psychology
  • Criminology

Choose a subject that relates to your area of study.

  1. Explore research materials

Once one chooses the subject, the next stage is to look for a perfect topic for one’s research paper. First, write down the topics that connect to the subject of interest.

  1. Keep lecturer’s guidelines

Most times, instructors ask that a student picks the topics that connect to the subject of study. If the lecturer gives such guidelines, then students who are doing economics courses should not do research papers about chemistry.

  1. Research essay topics for various education levels

These are the different groups of education levels:

  • College
  • Middle school
  • High school.

2.1 College research essay topics

  • The usefulness of distance learning.
  • What ways should students use to plan for tuition?
  • Kids must select subjects that they like. Discuss?
  • College dropouts become billionaires. Agree or disagree?

2.2 Research paper topics for high school

  • Schools should ban school uniforms. Discuss?
  • Students focus on single-sex schools. Discuss.
  • Prayer must be part of high school. Discuss?
  • The jail system of the U.S. discuss.

2.3 Middle school essay topics

  • What is how one can protect their environment?
  • How does instant messaging affect literacy?
  • Humans are competitive. Discuss.
  • How does music soothe someone?
  • How can one recycle waste effectively?

2.4 History essay topics

  • What are the effects of the first work war?
  • What are the effects of the Second World War?
  • What are the effects of the civil war in the USA?
  • Contrast and compare between Stone Age and Neolithic period.
  • French revolution. Discuss.

2.5 Art essay topics

  • Rap music and American society
  • Does the media realistically portray the minority?
  • How vital are the ancient stone drawings?
  • The origin of salsa.
  • How does the media highlight racism?

2.6 Research essay topics for criminal justice

  • Government to relax capital punishment. Discuss.
  • How does drug legalization affect the crime rate?
  • Why is the legal age of drinking at eighteen?


Keep in mind the guidelines from your instructor. And write something that you have an interest in.

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