The right order for parts of a research paper

If you can write a brilliant research top without following the template that you are expected to follow in writing the research, the work done will be equal to zero at the end of the day. Some parts must be included in a research paper that must appear in every work. Aside from that, the parts should follow a definite order of arrangement. We shall take a look at the right arrangement needed to get the best results from the research paper.

  • Introduction 

There are two schools of thought among the students when we are talking about the introduction to the research paper. It comes first in order of arrangement and some students prefer to write it in the beginning while others prefer to write theirs after the end of the entire process. A brilliant introduction consists of three distinct parts:

  1. Give a general presentation to the research problem
  2. Layout your plans for the research paper
  3. State your position
  • Method

Next, after the introduction is the method which happens to be the easiest part of the job. Here, you are expected to give a rundown of the design and methodology used in performing the research. The field and type of assignment will determine what you are going to get at the end of the research. There is a difference between method and methodology. Where your research is based on a survey, where you have too many questions to cover, a copy of the questionnaire can be included in the appendix. You have to refer to it to achieve expected results.

  • Results

This is a variable part of the research work that is dependent on the results and aims of the experiment. Students always find it difficult to create a balance between results and discussion. Students are advised to avoid falling into the pit of having to repeat themselves too often. You are expected to get a middle path where the general overview of the data is given in the results section and then expanded in the discussion section.

  • Discussion

What you got through your findings is downloaded here and you are expected to add your interpretations to the discussion. Your discussion should be linked back to your introduction and you are expected to address each of the points on their merit. The topic of the discussion can be expanded on later in the conclusion.

  • Conclusion

At the level of your discussion, you are going to elaborate on your discussion and do all you can to relate it to your conclusion and it is at par to other research work and the world at large.

  • Reference list

Your research will not be complete without a mention of your reference list where all the references that you used in your work will be documented. This will be laid out in APA, MLA, or other formats that will allow other researchers to follow your work.

Final take

The parts that are stated above are a must and they make up the parts of the research paper.

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