How to complete your research paper writing with success

Composing a research paper is the staple of most academic course students undertake during their time at school or college. However, the mistake many teachers make in assigning students such papers is that they assume all students have experience and knowledge of how to compose them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.


Before you begin any writing, you need to plan your work, so you have an overview and an understanding of what you will be including in your work. The plan is pivotal, as it is something for you to refer to when you are writing and to ensure that you are on track.

The best way to plan your paper is to create a brief outline for what you want to include in each paragraph. Take this time to ensure your paragraph structure is logical and flows well, as it can be hard to do this while you are doing your writing. Write down any ideas you think are good, and then filter these down to the ones you feel are best.

Compiling Information

The most important part of your paper, as you may have guessed, is to include research on the topic you are writing about. You need to do it thoroughly to score high marks in your essay. The best way to compile your research is to visit your school or college’s library and read the books based on your topic.

For some courses, you will even have a recommended reading list, and it is wise to read these books as your professors will have based their own teachings, in part, on the books in the recommended reading. Doing this will further your knowledge and understanding of the topic you are tasked to write about.

Another way to collect sources is through the Internet. One of the best places to visit, fi you are in college, is your own faculty’s website from where you can see what studies your own professors have done on the subject. This will provide some further insight and will keep you up to date in the latest happenings in the subject area of your paper. You can further impress your professors by citing the latest papers in your own work.

Once you have compiled your information, you should sort out where you will be citing your sources in your work, by including them in your plan.


Once you have found your sources and planned your essay, it is time to begin your writing. However, your writing should follow a clear structure as follows: