20 College Biology Term Paper Topics You Should Look Into

When you are in college, people expect a lot from you. Your professors and parents want you to be perfect in everything, and your term papers need to be real academic texts. Even when it comes to subjects that you enjoy, like biology, it is still tricky to find a topic that will satisfy everyone. The good news is that there are some topics, prepared by online dissertation writing service, that you can analyze without too much effort. Even more, everyone will adore them!

  1. Contraception. This paper can help many of your classmates. Explain in your composition, from biological point of view, how contraceptives work.
  2. Down syndrome. Many of your classmates don’t know anything about this disease. Why not help them get more information?
  3. Alternative medicine. It is better to treat ourselves with natural methods?
  4. Sugar addiction. It is proved that sugar can be as damaging as drugs for our brain.
  5. Genetic clones. Explain in your paper how can these be made in the laboratory.
  6. DNA mutations. How do they happen? This will turn into a very interesting topic if you know how to explore it.
  7. Biological weapons. Do you think that governments will use this?
  8. Obesity. This is one of the most frequent diseases in the last century. How can we prevent it?
  9. Sleep. For many of us, sleep is absolutely necessary, but did you know that there are people who can never sleep?
  10. Incurable diseases. When do you think that we will be able to cure them?
  11. Epidemics. They still happen, no matter how clean we are. Why?
  12. The chemistry of love. It is scientifically proved that love is actually a chemical process that takes place in our body.
  13. Genetic mutations. Explain how some plants are affected by pollution from biological point of view.
  14. Aging. This can be a very interesting subject to explore in your term paper; how do we age? What is the process?
  15. Evolution. I bet that you and your classmates were always curious about how people came to be. Why not discuss this in your term paper?
  16. Carnivorous plants. You can bring pictures and videos to make your composition more appealing.
  17. Abortion. Will this influence any future pregnancy? Could it be dangerous?
  18. Stem cells. Is this the future of medicine?
  19. Transplant of animal organs to humans. Did you know that humans can receive organs from animals? For example, doctors use very often heart valves from pigs or cows.
  20. Effects of smoking. Maybe you will motivate one of your classmates to quit.

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