Research and their different types

It is integral when in university or college studying to write research papers. It is because it is an essential part of the curriculum. In general, when you prepare for academic work, research gets done on various scientific, technical, or social aspects of a phenomenon and then have that information obtained organized. It is far from easy. If this is your first time to face any academic paper, it may look impractical and complicated. 

Writing a research paper is a process. The process has many pitfalls; these pitfalls make it harder. The majority of first-time writers get stuck at the initial stages of the process. 

How can you ensure that you have an easy time when writing your research paper? Some people opt for other people to write their papers, but you can write your research paper.

The following tips will help you write a research paper easily by yourself:

Research paper, what is it?

The first step is to understand what a research paper is. There are a couple of different types of research articles. Notwithstanding, the task objectives are similar. The research paper has a basis on experiences and thoughts written using analysis of the topic's data. Due to the amount of work needed, many students do not like these types of papers. A lot of research, reports, and data analysis required. The research paper is essential since it teaches the students about researching properly and gives them vital skills.

What are the main types of Research Papers?

Research papers have a few main types. Each paper has a special approach that a student needs to note when he embarks in writing one.

  • Argumentative Paper: When tasked with writing an argumentative paper, the student needs to focus the reader's attention on arguments that are quite similar to the main topic. Primary sources should get used to supporting the student's point of view. The paper might look easy, but be careful and ensure that you have followed the teacher's steps.
  • Analytical paper: though the name might be a little confusing, there is nothing to worry about. This type of article informally provides analysis about an idea or topic. An excellent analytical paper uses critical thinking and also gives strong arguments.
  • Definition: this type of paper usually provides you with a bare objective argument and facts that don't have a personal opinion. This kind of text is the most informative. Even though the papers have facts included from different sources, these papers reflect findings from other researches. 
  • Contrast and Compare: these types of paper need to analyze the contrasts between different, usually two, subjects, viewpoints, authors, leadership styles, or criteria. These papers are common for subjects like philosophy, literature, and social sciences, to mention but a few. The construction is the same regardless of what the subject is. 
  • Cause and Effect: these types of composition have the goal of tracking expected results in a logical progression from an action. This progression must be understandable and clear to the reader. This method can get used in education fields and business. 
  • Reports: this type of paper usually outlines the situation in a case study. This type of text has a rule. It has to include a summary of the breakdown, identification, and situation of the main list, recommendations. 


Once you have identified the type of research paper, you will write your research paper.

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