Research Paper Parts 

What essential parts does a research paper have? And how do they connect? Various parts must appear in a research paper, including methodology, abstract, title page, introduction, chapter, Conclusion, and body. However, some parts are usually optional when writing a research paper. This situation is dependent on the kind and the level that you are in. For example, one may not figure out how to apply a methodology chapter in a research paper that is a small one, and also, when using the title page, one needs to know the kind the style that he is going to use when writing. That is to say, is it the MLA or APA style? All parts of the research papers should link to one another. The parts are in a logical order. The research paper must have a structure that it follows should be clear where reading your work will find it easier to get the necessary information that he needs. The most basic way to write your research paper is by talking more about your topic and then writing relevant examples that relate to the topic. 

Guidelines for writing research papers

  1. Concentrate mostly on the research paper topics.
  2. Write critical points in a logical order.
  3. Write down all of the facts in the present tense.
  4. Cute the sources where you have undoubtedly got your information. These sources include newspaper articles, websites, and printed books.
  5. Write the points in your research paper in the form of paragraphs except for the abstract.
  6. Avoid using colloquial languages and do not directly address the readers. And also, do not use informal English.
  7. Use indents when beginning a new paragraph.

Parts of the research paper in detail. Title page

The title page is one of the common parts of a research paper. Writing the kind of title page that you want depends on the type of style you will use when writing it. The examples of the title writing styles include the APA or MLA writing style. 

  • Abstract

It is also a part of the research paper that is very vital. It consists of the summary, objective, and what the research is all about. Abstracts contain about one hundred to five hundred words. An abstract is a place where part one summarizes the while research paper. 

  • Introduction

This part is where the writer describes their objective briefly by writing down the main points. An introduction must give the reader the zeal to read the work; that is to say, one must capture the reader’s attention. 

  • Methodology chapter

This part of the research paper mostly appears in huge research. Usually, this the part where a researcher describes the processes that he was using in detail. One must not include their comments in this section. 

  • Body

It is the part that the research that consists of the details of the explanations of the main points in the research paper. One must write illustrations in different paragraphs. At this stage, one must describe in detail the methodology and give details in the form of tables, figures, and cite appropriately. 

  • Conclusion part

It is a summary of a research paper. One must not add any new information at this point. 


If one wants to write a successful research paper, one needs to recognize, apply, and define the research paper parts. Once one has done that, he is good to go.

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